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Nigella’s lemon meringue pie ice cream

August 2, 2012

This is outrageous!! It’s like a frozen form of lemon meringue pie but ultra creamy with the crunch of the meringues and no ice cream maker needed.
Thank you to Nigella Lawson
(Apologies, but it’s in grams)

600 ml heavy whipping cream
225g Greek yoghurt
320g lemon curd (Trader Joes sell this above the freezer section)
juice and zest of 2 lemons
6 meringue nests (Trader Joes sell these as “Vanilla Meringues” Use about 2/3 of a 210g container. These are also above the freezer section )

Whip the cream until fairly stiff and fold in the yoghurt.
Add the lemon curd, lemon juice and zest (you will find it easier to stir in the curd if you add the lemon juice to it first) and the meringues, broken up into smallish pieces, but not so small that they dissolve into dust
Put into a container, (it should be a shallow rather than tall container) and freeze.
And thats all there is to it!
Ripen in the fridge for 40 minutes before you want to eat it.
You could also dribble over it some clear honey or some more lemon curd diluted to “runniness” with lemon juice