There are multiple uses for this and it’s well worth doing once a week. Thanks to the incredible Nigel Slater for this recipe.
Ideas on different uses for this wonder-condiment are below the recipe

4 large, juicy heads of garlic (the huge heads of elephant garlic are ideal, but if you can’t find these, use regular garlic)
a wine glass full of olive oil
fresh thyme sprigs
bay leaves

Slice the heads of garlic across the diameter. Put them in a shallow baking dish, cut side up.
Tip over the olive oil and tuck in a few sprigs of thyme and a couple of bay leaves.
Bake in an oven preheated to 350F for 40 minutes, basting from time to time until they are golden and the cut edges are very slightly caramelized.
The cloves must be soft enough to squash between the fingers.

Scoop the soft cloves from their skins with a teaspoon and remove the tiny brown root. Mash to a puree using a pestle and mortar, wooden spoon or if you’re doubling or trebling the recipe, a food processor.
You should get a good heaped tablespoon from each head.

Now you have a jar of fragrant, honey colored garlic cream to play with!

*  Spread the neat puree thinly on toasted baguette as an appetizer
*  Mix with a little cream cheese as a spread
*  Make a suave, rich sauce by mixing 2 tbsp of garlic puree with 1 tbsp of olive oil, 1 tbsp of Marsala and about 3-4 oz heavy cream in a small pan over low heat. Cook till thick, then season with salt. It’s great with poultry!
*  Add a spoonful to a soup or stew during cooking.
*  Use instead of fresh garlic in stir fries
*  Store in an airtight jar in the fridge, with it’s surface covered by a thin layer of olive oil. it will keep for a week or two.